Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring begins ...

What a great day to spend in a garden ... the First Day of Spring!  I feel like this whole post should be in all caps, all the sentences ending with exclamation points!! 

Spring finally arrived, and a welcome arrival it is, too. We have had record rainfall for this winter, and in fact it has started to rain as I have been typing this.  But for this morning we had reasonably dry weather to potter around in the garden.  We did some light work, and a lot of standing around talking about the coming season.  

When I set out to take photos in the gardens I wasn't sure there would be much to show you.  But as usual, once I looked closer there was much to see and marvel at.  

Thanks for reading - enjoy the photos!!  And HAPPY SPRING!!!

Daffodils are a ray of sunshine on a grey day

Freshly pruned apple trees

We turned in the cover crops, preparing the beds for spring planting

Mahonia aka Oregon Grape buds getting ready to burst forth

Another Mahonia, this is a different variety

Sweet white violets (a little chewed up, but still pretty) 

Close up photo of the cover crops we used.  These will feed the soil for the plantings this year

Rhubarb looks so prehistoric before the leaves unfurl

Panoramic view 

Sweet asters growing in the lawn

Gooseberry bush - look at those thorns/prickles! 

Lavender dried on the bush.  The plant didn't like the cold this winter, so we pruned it back after I took this photo. 

Rosemary blooms 

Caltha palustris aka Marsh Marigold

Relocating one of our Hollyhocks to the fence line garden

Sure feels good to get out in the garden again, doesn't it? 

And I put in new stepping stones by the shed this morning.  Maybe we will track less dirt on the floor ... who knows! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our garden year begins in February

We finally saw a nice break in the rain, so it was time to head over to give the gardens a bit of TLC.  We did some pruning, some weeding and some general catching up with each other after our Winter hiatus.  

Late winter chores include pruning fruit trees, pruning roses back for the coming season and general garden clean up.  It will be a couple of months before we can do more in the gardens.  Until then we will have to be content with daydreaming about what the next year may bring. 

There is no blue as beautiful as the skies in late winter, here in Western Oregon. 

A panoramic view of the gardens from the back of the property.  Not much to see really, just lots of bare rose stems.  But I liked the long shadows in this photo. 

The Kitchen Garden beds don't look like much right now, but the cover crops are doing their job.  They have spent the last few months nourishing the soil in preparation of planting time in the spring. 

Another view of the play of light in the gardens.  The rose arbor is a tangle of stems that need pruning.  And don't you just love the golden-green carpet of moss on the sidewalk! 

Late winter is the perfect time to prune the apple trees in the garden.  We removed the water sprouts, saving many to use for supports when the cucumbers and tomatoes get going later this year.  

Now it's back to other winter garden work: browsing seed catalogs and making plans for the best season yet!