Wednesday, July 26, 2017

High Summer 2017

The summer season is well under way.  The gardens are working hard making veggies and blooming in the sunshine.  This week we were in the gardens working on a project - we added a border of cedar chips to the top edge of the Kitchen Garden, in an effort to make it easier for the crews to mow around our veggie plot.  We put donated burlap down first, then spread about a yard of chips.  It was a sunny morning, and we had lots of volunteers, so we were done before you know it!  We are caught up on the weeding (for now) and harvesting what we can for donation to area food banks. 

Coming in August the 2 Rivers Art Guild will be holding their Festival of the Arts at the center, and I am told that there will be many booths of original artwork on the grounds. We will also be there with an Ask a Master Gardener table to answer any gardening questions.  

Please stop by if you are in the neighborhood and say Hi!  

New border 

Prepping the burlap

Burlap in place.  This should help suppress the weeds some. 

Hauling the cedar chips down to the garden. 

The cedar chips smell so fresh when you first put them down! 




Cheerful Calendula 

Scarlet runner beans  

Leeks and Onions gone to seed. 

Radish seed pods - and they are edible too! 

Lavender and alyssum in the rose garden  

This Boston marrow squash is huge already, but I expect it will get even bigger. By the time it ripens it will be a dark orange and look almost like a pumpkin.  

Last weeks cucumber harvest. 

This weeks harvest included a tomato too! 

Beet leaves. 

There is always weeding to be done. 

Looks like she missed this little one ... oh well, it will be there next week! 

Speckled leaves of a Moon and Stars watermelon. 

Amaranth leaves. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

And so it goes...late spring

A couple of us dropped by the gardens this morning to plant some flower seeds and trim some vigorous rose stems.  I snapped a few photos to share with you, too.  

While we were viewing the herb garden we spotted this little bunny under the Lemon Balm.  It's hard to see in this photo, but he was very tiny.  Just barely bigger than a mouse! It's clear that he is living in the garden.  There are bite marks in the radishes, and some of the herbs are well munched on, too. 

Feverfew with it's daisy formed flowers are a favorite in the herb garden. 

Love-in-a-mist growing around the plow. 

Borage flower viewed from above. 

Onion seed head getting ready to bloom. 

Things are beginning to fill in. 

We have tomatoes!  (Thanks, Jean.)  Now lets hope the weather warms up so they get a chance to ripen. 

Moon and Stars Watermelon. I love the speckled leaves. 

Cabbage rosette. 

Orach leafing out. 

The hops wants to take over the world, I think.  It gets larger by the day! 

Roses - some are on their last little bit of blooming.  The later ones are looking really good right now. This is Silver Moon.  

Shailers White Moss ...  love the pink-white shade of the blooms. 

Old Cardinal is almost finished blooming. 

Virginiana is blooming nicely. The leaves are a dusty sage color, which contrasts so well with the moss rose beside it (photo below).  She is so tall, most of the blooms are on the very top of the bush.  

This is our Sweetbriar rose.  The leaves have a green apple scent if you crush or break them.  The blooms are very small, see photo below for scale.  

As we walk around the garden, we don't just see the face of the plants.  There is interest in the stems and sepals too.  I love the mossing on this Shailers White Moss rose. 

And the star of the garden in June, the Rosa Mundi with their unique striping.  The hedges are just full of blooms, and spent blooms too.  With all the rain they are a bit soggy right now.  But it's still worthwhile to stop in and see it all for yourself!