Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn Bounty and Harvest

Autumn - like clockwork it arrives, bringing with it the bounty of summer.  In our little garden bounty is defined by the many seeds to collect, a bucket full of purple grapes, a large orange squash and hopefully a juicy watermelon to share! 

Since much of our garden is harvested throughout the year, and the rest is left for seed saving activities, by September there isn't much to do but walk around and admire the flowers, the seedheads and breathe in the fall air.  

The Boston Marrow Squash right before harvest - see how orange she got?  And below, you can see that yes, we did have one watermelon to share!  

Beet greens - we are leaving the plants to go to seed this year 

Orach seeds. So pretty! 



In the last post the Amaranth was just beginning to bloom.  As the  month went by this plant got just enormous! 

Rose hips for the birds this winter

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ahhh August!

There is nothing more precious than Autumn in a garden, and ours is no exception! From flowers, veggies, blue skies, and garden visitors - we had it all this year.   

Forgive me for sharing so many photos - there is just so much to see, and I don't want you to miss a thing - so take a walk through the gardens with me once more.  

Pink Mallow blooms along the fence

Moon and Stars Watermelon blooming - will we see a melon later on? Time will tell! 

Scarlet Runner Beans 

We finally got peas, after replanting three times this spring! 

Boston Marrow Squash - how big will she get this year? 

Amaranth with Cucumber Beetles

Happy bumblebee in the Hollyhocks! 

The warm glow in these photos is courtesy of Oregon wildfires burning 

Cardinal Climber vine on the doorway arbor - these are some of the best photos I have been able to get of these tiny blooms (red is very hard to photograph with a digital camera)

August 12 & 13 the Interpretive Center hosted an art show held by the Three Rivers Art Guild  

We set up an Ask a Master Gardener clinic to answer questions and had a lot of interest in our seed ID game

Art in the garden