Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer Flowers

It's been a few weeks since our last workday.  We arrived to a sunny morning and lots of pretty summer blooms.  The work today was a pleasure, gardening in the sunshine and visiting with friends.  The veggies are doing well, but today it was the flowers that caught my eye.  

Enjoy the photos, and these beautiful summer days in your own garden.  

The Hollyhocks look exceptional this year.   

Our China Rose is putting on a show for visitors too. 

Okay, what is this you ask? Well, garden friends will appreciate a good looking compost bin.  I just had to share! 

Cheerful Calendula, Borage and white Radishes blooming 

Mom called these Orange Lilies.  I love our daylilies this time of year. 

Love in a Mist - so delicate! 

Blooming Leeks. Love the globe flowers!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Here we go - almost ready for summer!

Today's garden photos give a peek into the beginning of what we hope is another fantastic growing season.  Even though I have been highlighting my posts with mostly flowers, be assured that we have much more than that going on!  Today we checked on our potatoes which are beginning to flower, wondered why there is a big gap in the row of corn sprouting, sampled a radish (yum!) and wondered what happened to our pepper plants.  It was decided that we will plant that bed with some flowers this year to attract more pollinators to the garden.  

Some flowers are beginning to bloom, or bud up nicely.  The Herb Garden is looking really robust and cheerful with the Feverfew blooming.  The Scarlet Runner beans are making their way towards the strings to fill in the teepee, and the Orach is starting to show signs of flowering soon.  The roses are on their way out - we have begun the annual pruning of the plants that have completed their bloom cycle. Remember that old garden roses are generally pruned after bloom instead of in the spring.  Ours our so vigorous they get pruned in the spring and fall (otherwise they would take over the garden!)   

The first Calendula of the season. ♥

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea's are blooming.  So pretty!

Shailers White Moss gave a wonderful show this year. 

Ladybugs were the star of the show today, and earlier this week with our many garden visitors.  They come in the early spring to lay their eggs in the Hop vines. Aphids love the hops, and ladybugs love the aphids!  Above is a brand new adult.  Below are two of the dozens of Larvae you can find on the leaves.  ♥

Feverfew in the the Herb garden - so cheerful! 

Orach.  This sturdy leafy green is a fave in the garden, both for the color and texture of the leaves and vigorous seed heads it produces. I have some of this in my own garden for the first time this year.   

Hollyhocks!  The buds are as pretty as the blooms. 

We have several apple trees in the garden along the fence, too.  Today Laura spent the morning thinning the fruit to increase the size of the remaining fruit we will harvest.  Some of the plants in the garden sustained some damage from a hailstorm that blew through this weekend. You can see the dents in the flesh of the apples, and some of the leaves were pretty shredded.