Thursday, November 8, 2018

Seeds for Next Year's Garden

This week we all met at the Interpretive Center for a favorite indoor activity - seed packaging!  As you know, one of our goals for the garden is to produce seeds for sharing with the public, and for planting in next year's garden much as the pioneers would have done.

We took all our bags of dried seeds, labels and packaging and spent two pleasant hours filling envelopes, and catching up with each other.  (The conversation is really the best part!)

If you are interested in collecting your own seeds take a look at the Clackamas County Master Gardeners 10-Minute University handout -   This should give you a good start towards collecting and sharing seeds from your own garden next year!

Sugar Pea seeds 

Scarlet Runner Beans 

Calendula Seeds 

Love in a Mist Seeds - so tiny! 

The box is filling up, ready to be stocked at the gift shop in the interpretive center.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Goodnight, Garden....

We put the garden to bed this morning.  We cleaned up the beds and spread straw to help weed suppression during the winter.   


Rose hips 

The pink rose is still blooming - a memory from summer  

Hauling the bales ^^ to spread in the garden

Screening the compost, getting it ready to spread in the garden

Up next - some seed packaging and maybe some rose pruning before the weather gets too wintry.  See you again soon!