Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Seed Collecting

Today was a beautiful day for gardening. We had an energetic crew for harvesting seeds, weeding and general late summer chores. 

Our Hollyhocks are stately this time of year, and mostly bloomed out.  

Seed heads on the Hollyhocks form early in the year and dry on the stalk. 

Hollyhock Weevils appeared after we had the seed collected in a paper bag.  We placed them in the sun and they began to escape. Later we will warm them in the oven to kill the remaining pests.  

Sweet Pea and pods on the vine. 

Calendula seed head with blooms in the background. 

The cabbage developed many heads while we were not looking.  

Rose hips on the Sweetbriar Rose, so cheerful in the garden this time of year. I am sure the birds will make good use of this fruit this winter. 

Four O'Clocks bloomed late, so no seed pods yet.  

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Heritage Days in the Garden

This weekend the Interpretive Center celebrated the 175th Anniversary of the Oregon Trail.  We had many visitors to the gardens, including a few from the past!  

Father and daughter 

Taking a closer look 

Two garden explorers

We played at vegetable game - matching the seeds to the vegetable.  

The visitors didn't seem to disturb the residents of the garden, they were busy doing their work all day long.

Beautiful rose hips, almost ready for harvest

Speckled Moon and Stars watermelon with Calendula 

Watermelon blossom and lobed leaves 

Almost ripe! 

The corn is just not growing, probably because of the watering issues earlier in the summer. 

Leek seadheads

Short Cleome

And my camera just can't stay away from the Zinnia's!  They were the star of the garden today as the subject for many photos from our visitors

Things should start to quiet down in the gardens with fall approaching in just about a month or so.  Enjoy these last days of summer in your gardens, and we will see you soon.